BFA Vision 2019

Published on: Apr 04

So, Vision is fast creeping up on us for another year so I thought I’d take ten minutes and let you all know what’s happening...

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The scary world of marketing

Published on: Mar 22

Marketing is a word banded around by so many people and everyone makes it sound complicated like an algerbraic equation or something very expensive done by PR agencies...

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Throw Back Thursday

Published on: Mar 14

The internet loves a ‘Throw Back Thursday’ and a couple of posts on my (many) social media feeds got me thinking about what Strelitzia could post to join in.

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Important information about your new Strelitzia EPOS System

Published on: Feb 27

The new EPOS system is cutting edge technology. You can access it from any device any where and if the internet should go down your EPOS system will carry on working, yet it is still so simple to use.

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