Important information about your new Strelitzia EPOS System

The new EPOS system is cutting edge technology. You can access it from any device any where and if the internet should go down your EPOS system will carry on working, yet it is still so simple to use.

The receipt printer you are using with your current system will not work with your new Strelitzia. This is because we’ve built the system with the most up-to date and cutting edge technologies, so we need the most up-to-date hardware to match.

The new printer is The mC-Print2 Receipt Printer – Dual Lan & USB. Available in Black & White. You are welcome to purchase and we will be on hand to install it with you.

We understand this could be a large outlay so we have been working in the background to help you out. We have negotiated a deal with our supplier in the UK & Ireland. We are able supply the receipt printer for £12.50 a month in the UK & Ireland, but for all our current customers like you this will be reduced to £10 a month. This will also provide you with a lifetime guarantee. If anything goes wrong, we’ll replace them free of charge.

So, how will this work?
There is nothing to do yet. We just wanted to let you know as soon as possible. As many of you know we will be phasing the new system in after Mother’s Day. As we contact you to set up the new system we will organise the delivery of your new receipt printer and set up an appointment to install it with you.

What if you’re not in the UK & Ireland?
Don’t worry, we will be in touch in plenty of time and we will organise the best solution for you.

Important information about your new Strelitzia EPOS System